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16 Chambers 9mm

16 Chambers 9mm

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Ant ID:16 Chambers 9mm
16 Chambers Acrylic Nest.

Here at AntsMynala we have the very best in ant keeping Formicarium on the market.

The nest measures 150mm by 110mm in size.
The chambers measures 31.25mm by 17mm

As your colony develops the 16 chamber acrylic nest can be expanded and connected to further Formicariums in the range, enabling you to have a potential nesting capacity housing 10,000 + Ants should you wish.  Our horizontal nests inter lock so will fit together with all our other nest sizes.  More expansion ports are available, please check our other products.

The nest has a hydration foam section, which provides a moisture level throughout the nest.  The Hydration foam section can be removed from underneath the nest so as not to disturb the Ants too much.  The AntsMynala Acrylic Nest 16 Chambers comes in different Chamber depths to best fit your Ant keeping needs, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm.  We find the 9mm the most popular of sizes used for most species of Ants.

What is included.

16 Chambers Acrylic Nest.
10cm Approx tubing and correct corresponding chamber depth port to tubing 
10ml bottle dropper (to fill water chamber).
Test tube to add extra supply of water or sugar-water
Tweezers (Colour may vary).
1 Cotton ball

Example of what size nest to choose for your Ants.

6mm Chamber,  Pheidole and Temnothrax Genus
9mm Chamber, Lasius, Camponotus, Messor and Myrmica Genus
12mm Chamber, Messor and Camponotus Genus

Please note, If you have a species known for escaping you should always take extra care to seal the ports and possibly even the vents.

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