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Mixed Seeds with medium grains 20ml

Mixed Seeds with medium grains 20ml

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Ant ID:Mix Seed,Med 20ml
Mixed Seeds with medium grains 20ml

At Antsmynala we are proud to introduce the seed mixture that we feed to all our Harvester Ants, like Messor barbarus  for example. the mix will be sold in test tubes. which hold approx 20ml.  Unlike other other suppliers, we mix our seeds together which includes a great variety of seeds, including White Millet, Red Millet, Poppy seed, Linseed, Nyjer seed, Sesame seed, Canary seed, Panicum seed, 7 different species of Lawn grass seeds and Oats.  We have also added Wheat, Red Dari and Black Sunflower seeds.

This is a great mix to feed to colonies of Ants who are a little more established with larger workers.

Our Mixed seeds are also made with a variety of Millet and seeds to provide your Ants with a great tasting balanced diet to keep them happy and healthy.

We recommend you also offer your ants a selection of protein feeds, such as our Dubia Roaches and or our Protein jellies, which can be purchased from our web site. 
We would suggest giving a regular supply of  Dubia Roaches to enable your Ants to feed to their larva and Queen.

We suggest storing the AntsMynala mixed seeds in a cool and dry place.

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